If it were not for breasts, a woman’s nipples would be as commonplace as a man’s nipples.


 Thankfully, women’s nipples are one hundred percent exquisite…even crucial.

My nipples have a direct hotline to my clitoris. When they are played with, my Vagina begins to sweat like a burly fireman carrying his hose.

Once this begins, the person playing with them can practically rip them off, the sensations are so pleasantly intense.

When they stand at attention in public I do not become embarrassed whatsoever that someone may notice. (THEY ARE ACTUALLY QUITE LARGE) If they want to look…go for it. I feel when this happens that it is natural, and meant to be. I am not doing anything purposely to cause this reaction so there is no malice in the situation, and if looking at them gives someone an innocent thrill…that makes me feel a littled thrilled as well.


There are occasions, when I feel sexy, I apply special NIPPLE HARDENING GEL, obtained from my website, which KEEP THE NIPPLES HARD for awhile. Then I wear a very thin white T Shirt, with super tight Jeans of course, and go shopping in the mall. The looks I receive are both comical and vulturous.

It’s all in good fun, and my NIPPLES FEEL GREAT. By the time I get home I’m ready for a round with the RABBIT.

Do you love your Nipples too?

 Celebrities enjoying electronic Nipple Stimulation-


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